Viral arrest video students will face trial


Nicole Braham and Maddie Hemphill Photo credit: Lucas Moran

The two Chico State students who were the subjects of a controversial arrest video faced arraignment on Sept. 17.

The Orion previously interviewed Nicole Braham and Maddie Hemphill who were both charged with resisting arrest following a confrontation with a Chico Police Department officer.

Braham, who can be seen being apprehended in the arrest video, was ordered to return to court to face her charge. Upon request, she was appointed a public defender.

Hemphill, who’s phone disappeared from the scene sometime after she was apprehended, was not ordered to return to court. Since the arrest, the district attorney has opened an investigation into the whereabouts of her phone.

“They apparently put in a warrant with Apple and T-Mobile to try and track my phone,” said Hemphill. “There was data usage up until [the] Monday that they declared it lost.”

Any data usage should have come with a GPS location, according to Hemphill. This could help investigators piece together what happened to her phone once it left her possession.

Braham will face trial at the Chico courthouse on Sept. 29 at 8:30 a.m. The Orion will continue to update this story.

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