#BlackInChico protest holds moment of silence for lost lives


Chico State Faculty speak to students, faculty and alumni on Monday afternoon during the #BlackInChico protest at Trinity Commons. Photo credit: Jae Siqueiros

Over 300 students, faculty, staff and administrators stood arm-in-arm in front of Kendall Hall for a 10 minute period of silence at the #BlackInChico protest Monday afternoon.

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#BlackInChico protestors listen on as Tyrell “Rex” Bell, CCLC Pipeline Lead Mentor, commends all attendees for standing in solidarity with all other students, faculty and staff. Photo credit: Jae Siqueiros


“Here in our community we are small, but that does not mean we do not have a voice,” said Egypt Howard, coordinator of the protest and Cross Cultural Leadership Center assistant program director. “It is time for us as a community and for all of our allies that support us to say what needs to be said, to do what needs to be done to change our circumstances. Our community and our university can do more to support the black community.”

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Organizers, students, faculty, staff pose after the conclusion of the #BlackInChico Protest Photo credit: Jae Siqueiros


Protest speakers said around 194 black lives have been lost due to police brutality this year and Howard said they want to make a change by facilitating conversations about how to better support students. She called students to action to let their voices be heard and to reach out to supporters.

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Cross-Cultural Leadership Center (CCLC) Assistant Program Director, Egypt Howard, addresses the attendees of the #BlackInChico Protest at Trinity Commons. Photo credit: Jae Siqueiros


“I thank each and every ally that is here today,” she said. “Our students and our staff, our faculty and our administrators didn’t know that we had this much support and now I hope especially to our students that are here, you see there are people here that are willing to stand with you, to fight with you and do whatever’s necessary to make sure you are supported here. ”

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Chico State President, Gayle E. Hutchinson, attends #BlackInChico Protest at Trinity Commons on Monday. Photo credit: Jae Siqueiros


A candlelight vigil will be held by the Black Student Union at Trinity Commons Wednesday, Sept. 28 at 7:30 p.m. to commemorate the lives that have been lost and in light of the recent events in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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“As a black staff person on campus, I support the movement,” Howard said. “I value black lives and I’m here to say it’s time for change.”

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