Machete hijinks, funeral fight and the bookstore bandit


Photo credit: Miles Huffman

University Police:

Call Type: Suspicious Subject

Friday 11:15 a.m., Chico State bookstore 400 W. First St.

A man in his mid-20s attempted to sell back books which were stolen from the bookstore.

Call Type: Drunk in Public

Sunday 1:05 a.m., Whitney Hall

A female subject found vomiting near the bike racks.

Call Type: Suspicious Subject

Sunday 8:54 a.m., Downtown Chico

A man flagged down officers to tell them that a heavy-set homeless man had called his wife the “B word.”


Chico Police:

Call Type: Possessing Drug Paraphernalia

Friday 5:54 a.m., Paramount Trailer Park

A man is roaming from yard to yard flailing a machete at people.

Call Type: Vehicle Tampering

Friday 9:12 a.m., Paradise Apartments

The reporting party says a stranger broke into his car through the passenger door and attempted to start his car with a screwdriver. Now the ignition is broken and the car will not start.

Call Type: Suspicious Subject

Friday 6:47 p.m., West 7th Street

Male subject running down the middle of the street completely naked.

Call Type: Suspicious Subject

Saturday 6:29 a.m., Unknown Location

Man sitting outside near the road. Screaming the “N-word.”

Call Type: Assault/Battery

Saturday 12:26 p.m., Unknown Location

Two children beating up a younger child. The reporting party turned to stop them and they said, “It’s ok. It’s my brother.”

Call Type: Fight

Saturday 1:10 p.m., Brusie Funeral Home

The man showed up at the funeral and tried to start a fight prior to service. When things settled down then man attempted to fight someone else. The funeral was postponed.

Call Type: Prowler

Monday 12:40 a.m., Villa East Apartments

A man was found sleeping on the reporting party’s couch. When the reporting party work stranger up, the man realized he had entered the wrong apartment.

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