Knife threat at Liquor Bank


Photo credit: Kaley Wise

An older man was reported threatening a young man, Saturday afternoon, with a large knife outside of Liquor Bank on Main Street.

Ted Bartag, the employee working the register, reported that the older man had asked him where he could find fights in this town and was in a bad mood.

The younger man entered the store, and the two started arguing, after the older man reportedly called him a “fag.”

Accused subjects outside Liquor Bank Photo credit: Kaley Wise


The two men stepped out of the liquor store and began pushing each other, before Bartag called the cops, where they arrived on the scene.

Julie Byers was at the liquor store with her family when the incident occurred.

“I went into the store to make sure my mother was going to make it out okay, since she is old,” she said.

Bartag said the older man was using the knife in self defense, and he was surprised the police never came inside to question him regarding the incident.

“Just another day at the Liquor Bank,” Bartag said.

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