Feminist Friday’s raise awareness


Feminist Friday booth. Mariana Cordero, pre – nursing major (left), Jeresly Vazquez – kinesiology major (middle), Valeria Castaneda – exercise physiology (middle right) Photo credit: Kyla Linville

Feminist Friday’s is a semester-long campaign, hosted by the Gender Sexuality and Equity Center, to bring awareness to gender and societal issues while also celebrating and empowering women.

Students table for Feminist Friday’s every other week at Trinity Commons from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. until Dec. 2.

GSEC fights for social injustice and inequalities and many of these issues are addressed through Feminist Friday’s, according to Rachel Biccum the women’s program coordinator for the Gender and Sexuality Equity Center.

Biccum said feminism has carried a stigma in itself with negative connotations that are directed towards men but that is not always the case.

“It isn’t about hating men or taking away their rights, it’s about the social inequalities that exist across gender lines, race and class,” Biccum said. “It’s about leveling those inequalities and bringing everyone to the same level, treating everyone with equal love, compassion and rights.”

Feminist Friday’s at Chico State have grown over the years. The goal of these events is to encourage students to engage in activism. If students feel passionate about oppression against women, this gives them the chance to get involved with the issue as well as connect with others who share a common goal.

“I started coming to the Chico State campus when I was a senior at Chico High and I happened upon a Feminist Friday event,” Biccum said. “I discovered this feminist organization had queer representation and activist work.”

Each year there is a focus on promoting different themes on an array of social issues regarding different forms of gender oppression. The themes change based on societal issues that are on the rise as well as what people are passionate about, according to Biccum.

“I’m involved because I have a lot of women figures in my life, they are strong and independent, yet the system is very patriarchal.” Steven Yang, an intern at the Women’s Program, said. “I try to be aware of my privilege as a male while trying to use this privilege to help the oppressed and minority groups.”

The theme Oct. 21 was self-esteem and media representation. Students were able to participate in events such as the Positive Affirmation Banner and the Unphotoshop Activity.

“A lot of people aren’t informed and don’t know what goes on,” Mariana Cordero, a pre-nursing student, said. “It’s a great way to get students involved.”

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