CSU system won’t aid deportation of undocumented students


Photo credit: Aurora Evans

The anti-immigration rhetoric of president-elect Trump has many undocumented students worried whether they can stay in the country and continue to attend college. California State University Chancellor Timothy White said the Cal State University system will not help any plans of deporting undocumented students at the board of trustees meeting on Wednesday.

“Unless directed by California government code or required by law, the CSU will not enter into an agreement with state or local law enforcement agencies, ICE, or any other federal agency for the enforcement of federal immigration law,” said Chancellor Timothy White.

Cross-Cultural Leadership member William Mencoza-Cuevas feels the Chancellor should do more.

“The Chancellor could have done better,” said Mencoza-Cuevas. “We’re hoping his mind and knowledge of the issue grows a little bit more.”

Chancellor White sent an email to all CSU faculty, staff and students Thursday regarding undocumented students.

In the email White reiterates the CSU system’s stance and plans against deporting students. According to White and the Board of Trustees:

· The CSU will not enter into agreements with state or local law enforcement agencies, Homeland Security or any other federal department for the enforcement of federal immigration law

· CSU police departments will not honor immigration hold requests

· CSU police do not contact, detain, question or arrest individuals solely on the basis of being – or suspected of being – a person that lacks documentation

White concluded the email by reassuring undocumented students the CSU system will update them on any negative developments regarding immigration or DACA status.

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