DREAM team creates petition to protect undocumented students


Chico State’s DREAM Student Support Team created a petition to add policies to protect undocumented students. Photo credit: Ronnie Bolser

Chancellor Tim White addressed in an email sent out Nov. 17 that the university would continue to support minorities, specifically undocumented students. In response, the DREAM Student Support Team of Chico State created a petition to solidify White’s words.

Some key points in White’s memo were:

• Not enter into agreements for the enforcement of federal immigration law

• Not honor immigration hold requests

• Not detain, question or arrest people based on documentation or lack thereof

The DREAM Student Support Team asks that White’s memo be adopted as official policy of the university, while also including additional items to be adopted such as:

• Not supplying student records that identify immigration status (even if the student is detained, questioned and arrested)

•Consider other measures (health care stipends, over-break housing and free legal support)

“Our students deserve a safe educational experience as they dream of a better life, yet constant fear of deportation alienates hope. As a result, many students are considering leaving and others may not apply at all,” says the petition. “We ask that CSU Chico take action to alleviate fear and protect the student body through this small demonstration of solidarity.”

The petition will be sent to Gayle Hutchinson for consideration.

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