Enloe welcomes new members to the board

Enloe Medical Center has appointed four new members to their board of trustees and directors services for 2017.

The group of individuals included in the board of trustees are:

Sean Maiorano has worked for Enloe Medical Center since Jan. 2015 as part of their board of trustees, but will be promoted to chief of staff.

Sean Maiorano, D.O.
The new chief of staff for the board of trustees, Sean Maiorano. Photo credit: Enloe Medical Center

The board of trustees is comprised of volunteers who are willing to ensure that Enloe Medical Center continues to provide quality healthcare for Chico residents, at no profit.

While the board of directors will also recruit a new member, James Moore, an emergency medicine physician who has been working for Enloe since 2012.

James Moore, M.D.
James Moore, M.D., the newest member of the Enloe Foundation Board of Directors. Photo credit: Enloe Medical Center

“The Enloe Foundation is governed by dedicated community members who volunteer their time and service to connect with potential donors interested in supporting programs and equipment at Enloe Medical Center.” said Nicole Johansson, communications manager, in the press release.

Mark Schwabe, M.D. and Monroe Sprague, M.D., who have worked for the Enloe board for more than three years, are resigning from their positions.

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