Caffeinated Cats podcast addresses party school reputation

In the latest episode of “Caffeinated Cats,” there was a discussion of Chico State and its reputation as a “party school.”

The episode was simply titled “alcohol” and aimed to cover the decades-long reputation Chico State has received.

“Zach, Tracy, Mary and guest star Morgan Rosen come together to discuss the topic of alcohol at CSU, Chico,” the podcast’s description stated.

The hosts covered topics beginning with the 1986 “Playboy” article that ranked Chico State as a “top party school,” moving on to Halloween, and Caesar Chavez day.

The show also covered the changes that have occurred in the culture of Chico State students and how the administration has sought to improve the reputation.

Rosen stood up for the Campus Alcohol and Drug Education Center and talked about the many different programs that Chico State has created to deter students from high-risk drinking activities.

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