Man throws fruit at drivers


Illustration by Liz Coffee

Chico Police

Call Type: Domestic Dispute

Sunday, 5:41 a.m., Nord Avenue.

A man is calling to report a woman on his car. She claims she is being held hostage. The two individuals were fighting because the woman wanted her property back.

Call Type: Domestic Violence

Sunday, 10:07 p.m., Warner Street.

A woman was trying to get her property back from her boyfriend’s residence. He started pushing her and throwing property around. The boyfriend put her in a headlock and she bit him. Both parties appeared to be drunk.

Call Type: Refusing to Leave

Monday, 4:24 p.m., 1530 W. Eighth St.

A man was told to leave by an employee at Emma Wilson Elementary School because he was riding a go kart around campus. The man refused to leave at first and told the employee that he is a tax payer, but then decided to leave.

Call Type: Domestic Dispute

Monday, 6:57 p.m., Penzance Avenue.

A woman called claiming that her boyfriend slammed her head into the wall, grabbed her and threw her around the apartment. She has photos to prove the physical abuse occurred.

Call Type: Special Patrol

Tuesday, 10:22 a.m., 1200 Forest Ave.

A parent called about a man that was following their child while she was walking home from school. An employee at La Costa accompanied the child home after noticing the suspicious man.

Call Type: Throwing Objects

Tuesday, 11:15 a.m., 1051 East Ave.

A man was seen throwing bananas in front of cars, the suspect would walk up to them when the drivers were going slow.

Call Type: Disturbance

Wednesday, 8:19 a.m., 801 East Ave.

A bystander broke up a fight between two teenage boys who attend. Students were in the lot watching the fight and the bystander notified the school about the action.

Call Type: Disturbance

Wednesday, 8:34 a.m., 250 Vallambrosa Ave.

Two suspects with a megaphone were seen yelling at everyone with racial, gay slurs and obscene words. The caller told the men to get out of the area, but one of the suspects threatened to fight when he was confronted.

Call Type: Disturbance

Thursday, 2:18 p.m., 2155 Pillsbury Road.

A man was seen going through a parking lot shouting explicit language to customers at Kmart. The man was yelling that he was going to kill everybody and moments later the suspect urinated on a light.

Call Type: Transient Problem

Thursday, 211 W. East Ave.

An employee at Raley’s got a complaint from a customer that a homeless man was near the store jumping in front of cars. The suspect was reportedly telling people to hit him.

University Police

Call Type: Fire Alarm

Sunday, 6:09 p.m., Physical Sciences Building

A suspect put a branch through the outside of the door, preventing people from exiting the building. The branch was later removed by an officer.

Call Type: Graffiti

Monday, 10:32 a.m., Yolo Hall

Gang related graffiti was found on the first floor in the men’s restroom.

Call Type: Welfare Check

Monday, 7:04 p.m., Parking Structure at Normal Avenue.

A woman called to report that her grandson wanted to end his life and that he was located on top of the parking structure. The grandson said the reason was because he recently broke up with his girlfriend.

Call Type: Transient Call

Tuesday, 1:07 p.m., Aymer Jay Hamilton Hall

A man was seen sleeping on the couch in the women’s restroom.

Call Type: Suspicious Subject

Wednesday, 4:51 p.m., Laxson Auditorium

A young woman was screaming about killing people, with some relation to a cheating boyfriend. When police arrived, the woman could not be located.

Call Type: Vehicle Vandalism

Thursday, 12:53 a.m., Sutter Hall

A vehicle window was broken into, it appears nothing was taken.

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