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Rolling with Wildcats

Carolyn Allen

September 2, 2019

Friday night, students flocked to the second annual WREC ‘n’ Roll at the Wildcat Recreation Center. Lines were down the hall and music echoed throughout the building as students anxiously waited for their turn to skate."We brought in a new DJ and some lights to make it a little bigger, more exciting,&...

Chico State: enough is enough

Tweeter Brian Maciel stands in front of the new wildcat statue. Image curtesy of Moises Mendoza.

Janette Estrada

March 27, 2019

Twitter is a social networking site that allows users to interact with others through “tweets”. What it should not be is the primary way students are warned of suspicious on-campus activity. Chico State students were in distress following the alarming warnings of a suspicious male at the Me...

‘Air Play’ takes Chico’s breath away

Seth Bloom and Christina Gelsone watch balloons float in a simulated night sky.  Photo by Florence Montmare.

Rayanne Painter

February 2, 2019

A fresh breath of air, quite literally, took to the stage at Laxson Auditorium.Clown couple, Seth Bloom and Christina Gelsone, invited audience members into their make-believe alternate reality designed specifically for laughter and imagination in their stunning show, “Air Play”. Acting as...

Ethnic backgrounds are not a joke

Photo credit: Jaime Munoz

Karen Limones

November 7, 2018

As you enter Chico State, you may be intrigued by the beauty of the school's nature and by the diversity of students you meet. However, it is becoming an issue for minorities to feel safe and welcomed on a diversified campus from the lack of support from the Chico community.My intentions are not to be...

Cutting ties with coffee may be your most difficult breakup

A coffee on top of a table indicating this is another drink in this persons day. Photo credit: Diego Ramirez

Rayanne Painter

September 26, 2018

If you’re anything like me, an 8 a.m. class is hell on earth.The ritual starts right when you wake up; that first cup of coffee hits your lips within minutes of rolling out of bed and, by the time you finish your morning classes or morning shift at work, you might be on your third or fourth cu...

DTF with protection?

Condoms one of the many ways to prevent STD's. Photo credit: Dominique Wood

Rachael Bayuk

September 25, 2018

We are living in the height of reclamation. Words that were previously used to shame us are now ours to say alone. Slurs that would kill a high school reputation, just five years ago, are now proper greetings to best friends. With this new wave of empowerment, there is a new age of sexual revolution go...

Renters insurance: why we need what we hate

Photo courtesy of Getty Images by Mangkhonkhamsao

Rachael Bayuk

September 20, 2018

Why the monster that is insurance, really should live under your bed. Most college students live in a rental. Whether with friends, new found enemies or on their own. Despite the conditions, this is where we keep our things and where we (most nights) lay our heads down to sleep. This is one of the...

Wildcat on the Street: Parking

Photo credit: Jaime Munoz

Brooke Martin and Karen Limones

September 17, 2018

Reporter Brook Martin went around campus to ask students for their opinions on the Chico State's parking issues on and off campus.Brooke Martin can be reached at [email protected] or @bmartin471 on Twitter....

Better ways to cope with a ‘hellish’ schedule

Man stressed on an overloaded schedule. Photo credit: Diego Ramirez

Rachael Bayuk

September 13, 2018

It is only the third week of classes, yet many students are feeling overwhelmed. Student rates of stress, anxiety and depression are only increasing with every year. It is a fact that college students have more pressure put on them to perform better than ever. Just last week, I cried in a busy restaurant...

Walking away is easier than it sounds

Photo Courtesy of Getty Images by Andy Ryan Photo credit: Getty Images

Rachael Bayuk

September 12, 2018

Letting go can be the hardest thing. Whether it’s walking away from a relationship, or the major you’ve been planning since fourth grade, it is always hard. Knowing when to walk away is just as complicated as it sounds. I have struggled with this my whole life, which is not an uncommon thing. Mo...

College students and pets don’t mix

Getty Image photo by Dan Brandenburg

Rayanne Painter

September 10, 2018

With cute pet videos constantly going viral over Facebook and Twitter, it’s safe to say that animals of all form are pretty adorable. They’re quirky, sometimes fluffy and often times can be a best friend. What’s not to love? But, being an adult in college brings a lot of responsibilities. Homework,...

The friend zone: myth or fact?

Getty Images photo by JGI/ Jaime Grill

Rayanne Painter

September 10, 2018

We’ve all been there.We think somebody might have a romantic interest until something doesn’t feel right, we get bored or simply find somebody else. It’s awkward, feelings get hurt, but maybe we can stay friends?Talk to anybody who has been on the other side of this conversation and...

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