DREAM student applications decrease


A card with basic rights you may hand to police officers

Undocumented students are avoiding re-enrollment and giving out information to government websites due to increasing fear of deportation. Although the deadline to apply for the California DREAM Act has passed, there are options.

Hispanic students are a majority-minority demographic at Chico state, being more than 30 percent of the student body. According to the Assistant Director of Financial Aid and Scholarship office Elizabeth Alaniz, while majority have legal status, undocumented students are facing unpredictable changes to their future, and “a lot of people are scared.” She said many hesitated to enroll in DREAM for fear of their information may be shared.

DREAM is unlike DACA because all information is confidential from the federal government, according to the California Student Aid Commission.

Alaniz advises students to re-apply for DREAM, if they qualify, and FAFSA as soon as possible. However, undocumented students have other options to continue school at Chico State.

Although the deadline was March 2, students who apply to DREAM late may still qualify as they will be added to a waitlist.

According to Educators for Fair Consideration, there are five other options for undocumented people who may qualify for DREAM:

1. Apply for a green card for undocumented young people.

2. Apply for a temporary work visa.

3. Marry a U.S. citizen.

4. Assist law enforcement as a witness or victim.

5. Apply for asylum.

If students do not qualify for DREAM, they may seek immigration status help for free from E4FC.org.

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