Students adjust to dorm life without RAs


Photo credit: Jenny Salazar

“No RAs, let’s have a kegger!” Reads a resident dorm sign in Whitney hall. The floor is filled with signs like these, celebrating significantly less supervision in the dorms.

Last week 20 resident advisers were fired for attending a party where underage drinking occurred. University Housing has not notified residents why their RAs were fired.

A sign written by residents in Whitney Hall. Photo credit: Cortneanne Campbell

Noah Wagner, a freshman who lives in Esken Hall, said his floor was upset to hear their RA was being let go since they were close. He said University Housing is currently trying to utilize RAs from other floors to supervise residents as they are contemplating about hiring current residents to take on the positions.

Photo credit: Jordyn Smith


Dorms have been “more relaxed,” Wagner said, with the less supervision and they don’t feel as regulated.

Although students don’t seem to be openly running around the halls with alcohol, he said the presence of potent marijuana smell is in the dorm air.

“I didn’t see that it was that much crazier in the dorms,” Wagner said. “Except for the halls smelling like straight dank.”

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