Despite prohibition, students blaze up in dorms


Residents also possess weed kits. All the supplies they need to get lit are secured in a box. Outwardly, the kit looks like any ordinary tin box, making it difficult to suspect any potential illegal activity. Photo credit: Karen Limones

Residents living in campus dorms have devised techniques to smoke marijuana and avoid detection. Some methods include using household items to hide drugs from RA advisors.

In University Village, students said getting away with smoking in dorm rooms is easy. They use different methods such as vape pens, pipes, edibles, air fresheners or opening the balcony door and windows to mask the smell of marijuana. Joints can be rolled for students to smoke outdoors, and a “sploof” is a popular method to use indoors.

The process of sploof making is stuffing dryer sheets into a toilet paper roll. When smoking, exhaling straight into the toilet paper roll and then applying Febreeze throughout of the room is known to get rid of the marijuana odor. Photo credit: Karen Limones

“I use a sploof. You get a toilet paper roll and stuff hella dryer sheets into it. When you smoke, you blow straight into the toilet paper roll and then Febreeze the sh*t out of the room,” said a University Village resident who asked not to be identified because of the negative effect it could have on his housing agreement .

Medical marijuana was legalized in California following Proposition 64 in 2016.

However, this law does not apply to Chico State’s housing or campus property. Under Chico State’s policy, “Any sale or use of illegal drugs is not tolerated on university property. If drugs are seen or detected, residents are subject to lawful personal or room searches and disciplinary action.”

First-time drug policy violators will be assigned a disciplinary sanction and be required to attend a drug education course which they will also pay for.

Any following violations can result in suspension or expulsion from the university.

Students in University Housing who violate the drug policy will be evicted from the residence halls and are responsible for their housing payment for the remainder of the semester.

Students living in campus housing are required to attend meetings to revise rules and regulations on the use of drugs in campus properties.

These rules are not only enforced in dorms but in other student living areas such as Craig Hall.

Brandon Jenson resident adviser at Craig Hall, said when the substance is detected throughout the halls, RAs must do an inspection by looking under doors or smelling the cracks in the doors.


“A lot of the things students do is they put a towel under their door, they use old paper towel rolls and put dryer sheets inside of them. A lot of them realize they can’t smoke on property so they go across the street, which is not a big issue since it’s not on property,” Jenson said.

“But sometimes when they intake, they blow it through the vents so they try to shoot for the end of the hall and it also hits three rooms in a row, so we can’t tell which room it’s coming from.”

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