CW and Netflix bring comic book to life with “Riverdale”


Cast of “Riverdale”

First airing on the CW channel and uploaded to Netflix later on, “Riverdale” originally comes from a comic book series called “Archie Comics.”

The show primarily focuses on four main characters: Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper, Jughead Jones and Veronica Lodge. Within this first season, we are introduced to the characters, their families and some of their friends. Season one opens with a twist. In the first episode one of their classmates, Jason Blossom, was found dead. As the group is trying to figure out who killed Blossom, it’s revealed that everyone has little secrets that could potentially help out in the case. It seems like a lot of characters hide things from one another and their secrets get exposed.

Each episode brings something new, whether it was introducing a new character or revealing a secret. They didn’t take long to reveal who the killer is; as the individual is revealed in the penultimate episode of season one.

I did not like that the show only touched lightly on a few different subjects. For example, Cooper has a breakdown in one of the episodes and then it’s not addressed later on. I think the show is trying to convey that she has a mental illness, but with the amount of information now I can’t say for sure.

They also talk about suicide. Though, they don’t really talk about it in a big way. I think that both mental illness and suicide should be discussed in more detail since these are actual real world issues.There are a few other cliffhangers like that in the show as well, but I’m hoping they will be resolved with the next season.

There is some romance shown throughout the show between some of the main characters and also romantic tensions between parents. Although the killer is revealed in the second-to-last episode of the season, the season finale ends in a way that you want to come back for more.


Overall, I would give the show 4/5 stars. There are still many things to be revealed in the next season, which will air on October 11 on the CW and on Netflix shortly after. Until then, the entire first season is up and ready to watch on Netflix.

Jessica Carvajal Castillo can be reached at [email protected] or @_itzjess on Twitter.