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CW and Netflix bring comic book to life with “Riverdale”

Cast of

Jessica Carvajal Castillo

August 21, 2017

First airing on the CW channel and uploaded to Netflix later on, "Riverdale" originally comes from a comic book series called "Archie Comics."The show primarily focuses on four main characters: Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper, Jughead Jones and Veronica Lodge. Within this first season, we are introduced to ...

Newsflash: ‘The Flash’ is back

Season two of CW's

George Johnston

October 4, 2015

  On Tuesday, Oct. 6, the second season of "The Flash" will premiere on the CW network at 8 p.m. Staring Grant Gustin as The Flash, this season will continue to follow Barry's journey toward becoming the legendary superhero. Barry will have help with his super-heroics from the S.T.A.R. LABS team of ...

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