Sexual assault investigation at Butte College

Butte College caught in sexual assault investigations.

Butte College Chico Center
Butte Colleges Office of Title IX Coordinator new procedures against sexual assault. Photo credit: Christian Solis

Butte reached a resolution agreement with the Office of Civil Rights, after a four-year case.

In 2012, a student reported rape by an athlete at an off-campus party to Butte. Police were unable to file charges due to insufficient evidence.

According to the Chronicle of Higher Education on Feb. 2013, lawyer Jim McCabe, filed a federal complaint against the college stating that he represented a female student who was raped by an unnamed football player and the college botched the investigation.

Stephanie Jimenez, new Title IX coordinator, is eager to lead a new protocol and work to change the campus culture.

Jimenez said,“ We must fight the silencing of victims and witnesses… fight the social construct that,’snitching is wrong’… We all have the responsibility of fostering a safer community.’

Information on sexual assault prevention can be reached at Safe Place on campus.

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