Trump rescinds DACA; students protest at Chico State


Chico students protest the DACA decision. Photo credit: Luke Dennison

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals was put to an end under the Trump administration, affecting many students nationwide.

Students gathered outside of the Bell Memorial Union on campus expressing their thoughts over the decision, Tuesday morning.

Elizabeth Alaniz, a Chico State Faculty Member and DREAM Assistant Director, said “I am here for all students and here to debunk rumors that some students can not attend college anymore.”

DACA revoked
Elizabeth supporting the protest on DACA. Photo credit: Guillermo Felix-Alvor

” It is really important to make use of all the resources on campus regarding deportation. . . the Dream Center is always open for support to students whether it be financially or academically”, said Alaniz.

The Dream Center is located at Siskiyou Hall 115.

DACA protest
Supporters against DACA being removed, protest.. Photo credit: Luke Dennison

During the protest students chanted:

“Our students, our nation, we need an education”.

“Up, up with education! Down, down with deportation!”

“No Trump, No K.K.K., No Facist USA”.

“No borders, no nation, stop deportation!”

For more information regarding the removal of DACA can be found at the US Citizenship and Immigration Services.

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