Fall semester brings 33 new faculty to Chico State


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Chico State saw the addition of 33 new faculty members at the beginning of this semester. Each one comes from a different walk of life, and to illustrate this, the Orion asked three of them to participate in a short questionnaire.

The three new faculty members that were asked these questions are Dr. Gwen Ricordeau, an assistant professor in the Criminal Justice Department, Dr. Robert Madrigal, a professor in the Finance and Marketing Department and Dr. Char Moffit, an assistant professor in the Education Department.

Question one, did you move to California for the position?

Ricordeau: “Yes, I moved from France.”

Madrigal: “I moved from Oregon, where I had been for the last 21 years.”

Moffit: “I moved from Maine. Before Maine, I lived in Las Vegas, Nev. for 16 years.”

Question two, how did you come to work at Chico State?

Ricordeau: “I was looking for a new job and Chico State was my first choice. The academic environment is great and the living conditions are wonderful.”

Madrigal: “I actually used to be a student at Chico State back in 1976, I was on the swim team. When the opportunity to teach here came up, I knew that I should take it.”

Moffit: “I came here because I felt it was a good opportunity. I am excited to teach a variety of classes. I also think there are opportunities to collaborate with colleagues on grants and research projects.”

Question three, what other universities have you worked at before coming to Chico State?

Ricordeau: “I taught at several universities in France for 15 years.”

Madrigal: “I worked at three universities before coming to Chico State. I worked at Arizona State, Ohio State, and Oregon State. I worked at Oregon State the longest, for 21 years teaching sports business”

Moffit: “I taught the last three years at a small state university, the University of Maine at Farmington, Maine.”

Question four, what classes are you teaching this semester?

Ricordeau: “I am lucky to teach the Criminal Justice Seminar. It is a nice class, with wonderful students.”

Madrigal: “I am teaching Sports Marketing, which involves learning how to successfully use business practices within the sports industry.”

Moffit: “I am teaching Access and Equity in Education, Teaching English Learners and Science Methods.”

Question five, what is something interesting or fun about you outside of class?

Ricordeau: “I am learning how to drive. I have never felt the need to drive before relocating to the US.”

Madrigal: “I still enjoying swimming to this day, and I am married with two wonderful, fully grown children.”

Moffit: “I taught skiing to three-year-olds for the past three winters at Sugarloaf Ski Area in Maine.”

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