Ponderosa fire victims learn to rebuild their homes


Victims of the fire attended the meeting in Feather Falls for information about what to do next. Photo credit: Christian Solis

People who lost their homes during the Ponderosa fire gathered Thursday night to learn about what aid is available to them.

Feather Falls Fire Safe Council hosted a meeting at the Mt. Springs Grange to help victims get the appropriate information they need to solve the obstacles ahead.

Ponderosa Fire
Fire Safe Council members Brenda Rightmyer (left) and Carol Dower (right) speak to gathered community members. Photo credit: Christian Solis

Some problems victims are facing include looting, hazardous waste, charred remains, rebuilding and a quagmire of permits.

“Literally everything was consumed,” a community member yelled from the back of the hall during the meeting.

Nancy Preston lost her home in the fire yet hasn’t lost hope.

“How could I lose hope when I have such a compassionate and supportive community backing me?” said Preston.

“We’ll make it..” Preston said, “We’ll be fine.”

Christian Solis
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