Young Thug and Future join forces in ‘Super Slimey’

Album art for Super Slimey

Album art for Super Slimey

On Oct. 20, rappers Young Thug and Future released their collaborative mixtape “Super Slimey.” The project includes 13 solo and joint tracks between the rappers. After rumors circulated of Thug and Future working on a project for more than a year now, fans are excited to finally listen to the record and get a taste of both styles.

Hailing from Atlanta, Future and Young Thug are often compared due to their similar song production, styles and heavy use of trap beats. However, they’re very different in terms of rapping styles. Future starts off the album with a verse on “No Cap” and Young Thug follows afterwards. The trade verses between the two flow nicely and they compliment each other. Whether you’re a Thug or Future fan, you’ll get the trap experience out of this project.

As usual, the two men spend their time rapping about women, cars and jewelry. They start the album off with lyrics like “Got a Bentley garage in my house /
Got a watch on my wrist cost a house / My bitch can’t sleep at my house” in the song “No Cap.” We wouldn’t expect anything else from them, given that they heavily flaunt their expensive lifestyles. Although this is the famous signature of the Atlanta rappers, they aren’t afraid to get personal and reveal a more intimate side to their fans.

In the 15th track titled “Patek Water” which features Migos rapper Offset, he raps, “I heard that money get evil, prayin’ to God to keep me from demons.” Offset subliminally hints that although the money and material things they constantly rap about is nice to have, more money always bring more problems. Another interesting fact about “Patek Water” is that Offset is the only featured artist in the entire mixtape, while the rest is Future and Thug. Perhaps, they wanted their fans to focus more attention on just the two of them since a joint collaboration has been requested for the longest time.

“Super Slimey” is a good body of work but nothing that stands out from either of the two. After the first couple of songs, there seems to be a repeating pattern of recycled beats and sound production. You can never go wrong with a Future and Young Thug song at the party or club, but it’s definitely a regurgitation of trap music. A new sound could be used because there’s no doubt that the two artists are talented and innovative.

Surprisingly, what was nice about the project was their solo songs towards the end. “4 Da Gang” and “Killed Before” are songs that stand out as it only centers each of their verses and chorus separately. In “Killed Before,” the acoustic guitar and Thug’s singing in the background gives the entire “Super Slimey” a different vibe that almost sounds reggae. All of the songs will get you pumped up and is perfect for a workout or party. Other than that, there isn’t a whole lot of substance.

I give the album a three out of five for its hyped up energy and sound, but they could’ve approached things more differently through sound and lyrics.

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