Chikoko’s ‘Devotion’ delivers originality at its experimental fashion event


Image courtesy of freelance photographer Kyle Delmar

Off-beat and original Chikoko presented “Devotion,” a high-energy experimental fashion event on Oct. 21 at Silver Dollar Fair. The production graced over 200 event-goers with the grand presence of on-the-edge entertainment.

Chikoko model 2
Chikoko model walking down runway with 'Devotion' on October 21 at Silver Dollar Fairgounds.

Image courtesy of freelance photographer Kyle Delmar

With the perfect concoction of live performance, an unapologetic host, a local food truck and an all-around engaging production, the four-hour event proved to be nothing short of awe-inspiring and invigorating.

“You can’t really describe the experience of watching their talent and their inspirational work,” said Jamie Candiff, a performing belly dancer from Positive I studio in Paradise. “They know how to put their soul into it. They always pick a theme and you can feel it really strong in their work.”

Chikoko Host
Image courtesy of freelance photographer Kyle Delmar

From 7:30 p.m. to 10 p.m., the runway was home to four different collections of wearable art, each an extension of the main theme: devotion. On the journey to enlightenment, performance and production narrates biblical tales through music and wearable art.

“Anything (Chikoko) attaches their name to, whether it’s this event or more communal, it’s guaranteed to be a great,” said JenMoon, jewelry local artist and Chikoko Store Manager.

Unlike your average runway event, these models had tattooed skin and unique physical attributes. Whether it be piercings, bold hair choices or ink, both men and women put their originality on display for all to view. From their skin tone to their body type, the audience voiced their support for inclusion of all model types.

Image courtesy of freelance photographer Kyle Delmar

The variety in textures the collections presented was weird and the audience loved it. The segments progressed from an indie, lighthearted and innocent mood with ethereal music and lighter-colored garments to lively trap and bass music accompanied by rich, red garments with horns and props inspired by nature.

From sequins to lace to covered faces, the designs demonstrated the creativity behind the idea development of devotion.

woman with webs
Image courtesy of freelance photographer Kyle Delmar

The hosts introduction to the darker collection started commenced with, “This is quite not heaven and this is quite not hell I’d like you to welcome you all to purgatory.”

Ethereally-minimalist music set the tone for the concluding collection of “Devotion.” The conclusion of the show demonstrated a big shift: empowerment and divinity after enduring purgatory.

The goddess-like colors of white and royal purple are exaggerated. Headdresses, crowns and veils accentuate the eternal love that perhaps going through hell and back can create. Men were equipped with props that embody power, like the bow and arrow.

Model faces the lively audience with arms spread wide at the Chikoko 'Devotion' experimental fashion show on October 21.

Image courtesy of freelance photographer Kyle Delmar

The conclusion of the show ended with a thought-provoking and action-punched statement as the hosts said, “if this show taught you anything, it’s to put something beautiful into the world.”

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