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More scary and not scary movies

Looking for another adrenaline rush from scares? Here are three more movies to check out before Halloween:


If you were planning on staying home alone rather than going out this Halloween, this film might make you reconsider. The stress of finding a costume to go out in definitely beats being stalked from inside your home like the deaf woman in this movie. This thriller movie follows a deaf woman Maddie Young (Kate Siegel) who lives alone in a house in the woods. There is just the right amount of backstory about Young before getting to the action. Isolating herself isn’t the scary part, if anything that’s the most unbelievable part. However, this thriller will definitely scare you while a man with a mask torments Maddie from outside of her house all night long. The cinematography in this film was brilliant for setting the tension-filled mood. This film is available to stream on Netflix.

Jeepers Creepers

This classic creepy 2001 film is about two siblings driving home for spring break in an isolated area. If you want to scare your friends before they have to drive home alone then this is the perfect movie. They’ll have non-stop thoughts of being chased by a flesh-eating creature while on their trip home. This movie is similar to any basic monster movie, only way more creepy. Despite some of the special effects being a little outdated and cheap looking, the movie definitely still has a good fright effect. It always has you guessing about what the actual monster chasing them is. The most thrills appear in the first half of the movie, but definitely worth it to watch the entire thing. This film is available on Hulu or Amazon Video.

The Cabin in the Woods

If you plan on going on any camping trips in the near future, this film might make you reconsider. This film follows a group of friends who take a trip to a cabin in the woods. The trip ends up way more frightening than expected when they discover how isolated the cabin actually is. You may think you know exactly what is going to happen in this movie, but you don’t because of the twists and turns. It really combines an abundance of classic horror film aspects into one movie. It has a mysterious feel to it because lots of the information is left a secret until the second half. There is also some comedy in the mix so you won’t be too frightened. This film is available on Amazon Video.

Not into scary movies? Take a look at three movies that are fun and fit for the family:

Practical Magic:

If you enjoy your romance with a twist, are so close with your sibling that you can actually read each other’s minds or just really like Rachel Green’s style in Friends, Practical Magic is for you. Gillian (Nicole Kidman) and Sally (Sandra Bullock) are two orphan sisters from the prestigious Owens family; a long line of modern witches who have unintentionally terrorized a quaint New England town for centuries. Together the sisters must realize their true power in order to break curses, find love and fight the patriarchy. This romantically occult ’90s drama is heartfelt, spooky and will leave you feeling just a little bit more magical.


If you liked “Practical Magic,” you might also like “The Craft.”

The Rocky Horror Picture Show:

Now I’ll admit, until recently I had only ever seen Rocky Horror reenacted on an episode of Glee (you know the one). But there is nothing quite like the original film adaption of this 1970’s cult classic starring Hollywood trailblazers Tim Curry and Susan Sarandon (unless of course you go and see a live showing, then you are in for a real treat). Stranded on a dark and stormy night, young couple Brad and Janet seek shelter in the kooky, kinky mansion of Dr. Frank N. Furter and are lured into a sensual night of aliens and well-choreographed dance numbers. “You’ll be shivering with antici… pation.”


If you liked “The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” you might also like “Little Shop of Horrors.”

Ghostbusters (the original):

“Who you gonna call!?” This movie was a major hit when it came out in 1984. Back then, the special effects might have been good enough to make it a little bit creepy, but compared to today’s standards, the ghosts appear very cartoon-like. This action-comedy seems to go by really quickly as it tells the story of three professors who study the supernatural. They soon get fired from the university and teach themselves how to fight off ghosts. If you enjoy a not-so-scary ghost story, this is the right Halloween movie for you.

If you like “Ghostbusters (1984),” you might also like “Ghostbusters (2016).”

Sophia Robledo-Borowy can be reached at [email protected] or @Sophhhia3 on Twitter.

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