Open Studios Art Tour showcases Chico artists


“Landscape Vase” is a blown glass piece created by Dave Smallhouse. Photo credit: Caitlyn Young

For the past two weekends, the Chico Art Center hosted an Open Studios Art Tour where artists would bring their best pieces to display at the gallery. Then, they would go back to work in their studios or give tours to show how they create their work. Purchasing a map at Chico Art Center or Chico Paper Company allows viewers to find and visit the artists’ personal studios.

This event has been going on for at least 25 years, and this year there were a total of 55 artists showing their work and opening up their studios. While the Open Studios Art Tour can be a great fundraiser for the Chico Art Center, it is also a way to promote local artists.

Morea Martin is one of the artists whose work is showcased in the Chico Art Center gallery. She opened up her house / studio for tours for the past three years, and she wants to continue to do it again next year for one weekend. Martin’s unique oil paintings can be viewed at the Chico Art Center or at her own home during the studio tours.

The Open Studios Art Tour will be held again October 2018. Tour guide maps are $10 and all proceeds go to the Chico Art Center. Artists from this year’s event might no longer be available in the Chico Art Center gallery in the future.

Here are a few requirements for aspiring artists to get their work in the next Open Studios Art Tour, according to the gallery form:

1. Works submitted must be completely dry.
2. Only works not previously shown at the Chico Art Center gallery or gift shop may be exhibited.
3. 3-D works must be able to be moved by one person.
4. Hanging artwork must use securely attached eye hooks and braided wire. No string, fish line or sawtooth hangers.
5. Artwork must be for sale. Artists agree to a commission donation of 30 percent to CAC on all sales inside this exhibit.

Caitlyn Young can be reached at [email protected] or @Orion_CaitlynY on Twitter.