Sofar Sounds Chico brings a night of great music


Karter Kaliher plays her ukulele as she sings her original songs. Photo credit: Caitlyn Young

On Sunday, Sofar Sounds Chico November Show was a total hit. Sofar Sounds is a “global community” that was founded in 2010 as a way to create more intimate concerts for audiences and performers. Performers can play to audiences in 385 different cities all around the world, and Chico is one of them.

Sofar Sounds often plays in a secret location with artists that aren’t known until the day of the actual show.

Here’s a rundown of the three performers:

Karter Kaliher:

A former winner of Chico Unplugged, Karter Kaliher performed with ease. She played a ukulele that accompanied her singing. Being the first to go up on stage, she started the intimate concert off with a fun, playful vibe. Kaliher played her music wrapped in a blanket because of the cold, and continued to make the audience laugh with her entertaining personality.

One of her original songs that she performed can be found on YouTube called “Cliche Ukulele Song.”

Andrew Castro:

Next to perform was Andrew Castro, a seasoned Sofar Sounds participant. He had just recently been in Hawaii for his previous Sofar performance and had never been to Chico before.

“I love Sofar Sounds. Everywhere I’ve played has been amazing and there were very good cheerers here in Chico,” Castro said.

This had been Castro’s fifth Sofar performance and he’ll travel to Eugene and Portland, Oregon next.

One of his original songs that he performed can be found on YouTube as “Andrew Castro Original – She’s Already Gone Live.”

Solar Estates:

Solar Estates is a future pop group that began in Chico, and consists of four members:

There is Aric Jeffries who is the vocalist and a keyboard player. He writes, produces and records the music for the project. Landon Moblad is the group’s drummer, Stephen Galloway plays Bass and Loren Cobby Weber plays guitar, synth and sings. As MC Alexis Green said, their performance was “an experience for the audience.”

One of their original songs that they performed can be found on Youtube as “Solar Estates – ‘Repetition.’

Caitlyn Young can be reached at [email protected] or @Orion_CaitlynY on Twitter.