Chico State’s business graduate program lands on Princeton’s best

Princeton Reviews best business school logo. Photo credit: creative commons

Princeton Reviews best business school logo. Photo credit: creative commons

Chico State’s good fortune continues with more recognition from the Princeton Review. This time the college is being recognized for having an amazing business graduate program, with Princeton Review listing it as being one of the best business programs in 2018.

Judith Hennessey, the dean of the Business Department here at Chico State, explained how she thinks the graduate program made the Princeton Review’s list.

“There are many factors that the Princeton Review looks at when deciding which college deserves to be on one of their lists,” Hennessy said. “And while the specific factors are not fully known, I can make some observations as to what led to the decision.”

Hennessey discussed the two specialized tracks that students can take in the business graduate program which might have contributed to the decision.

The first track is the enterprise information systems; which teaches students how to build information networks for companies, as well as how to use those networks to keep customers happy.

The second track is project management, which among other things teaches the students how to negotiate for a company, especially under difficult circumstances.

Hennessey also pointed out other factors that could have contributed to the Princeton Review’s choice.

“Things that put us on the Princeton Review’s radar are competitions, or graduating students that prove the success of our programs.”

“For example, one of the first graduates to complete Chico State’s project management track is currently the president of the University of Nevada in Las Vegas.”

Matt Meuter, the MBA program director for both the College of Business explained that “because Chico State offers both tracks, we are one of the premiere places to study for business graduates.”

Meuter then explained why he thought Chico State was chosen for the business graduate list.

“I think it has to do with how thoroughly we communicated our accomplishments to Princeton Review, how we gave examples of our programs being genuinely beneficial.”

“Testimonials from students and alumni were also instrumental, they helped prove that these programs really do help our students when they enter the business world.”

One final aspect that the Princeton Review may have picked up on was the diversity within the business graduate program. “Currently, around 25% of the students in the program are international students.”

When asked about what plans the Business Department has going forward to continue such an excellent record, Hennessey had this to say, “We have a five-year plan that we have been following since 2015. This plan is meant to expand the department even further.”

This plan includes new programs, partnerships with several players in the business industry and a new building for the Business Department.

“Business departments on all college campuses are pushed to be more on the cutting edge, since we often find ourselves working with large corporations. Our five-year plan is meant to ensure that Chico State not only keeps up, but excels at being on the cutting edge.”

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