Miguel makes his return with ‘War and Leisure’


Album artwork for “War and Leisure”

It’s been more than two years since singer and songwriter Miguel has released his album. His highly anticipated fourth studio album titled “War and Leisure” is making waves with its psychedelic funky tunes and smooth vibes.

“War and Leisure” consists of a 12-song track list with guest features from Travis Scott, J. Cole, Rick Ross, Kali Uchis and Quiñ. The album follows a constant theme of passionate romance that seems to be inspired by late singer Prince. In fact, Miguel pays slight homage to the icon and his signature style of purple in his song “Pineapple Skies.” He sings “Would you look up, baby? / It’s pineapple purple skies.”

His lead single “Sky Walker” is currently charting the Billboards and is a fan favorite. What’s unique about the hit song is that Miguel makes several references to classic movies such as “Star Wars” and “Top Gun.”

The songs on the album are true to Miguel’s essence with his meaningful lyrics of love and freedom. The beats in each track do get a little repetitive, though. Nonetheless, Miguel proves that true talent and artistry still exists in today’s music industry.

A track that stands out the most is the tenth track “Come Through and Chill” featuring rapper J. Cole. The jazzy and eccentric vibes in the background is a perfect touch to the record, as well as Cole’s powerful verse he raps in the song. What stands out the most is Cole’s message about the current state of politics and social injustice. The song is easily a favorite off the album.

Another awesome trait about the album is that Miguel sings in Spanish in one of his songs “Caramelo Duro” which translates to “Hard Candy.” The track features vocals from singer Kali Uchis and is very upbeat. It’s one of the few jams on his album that’ll make you get up on your feet and dance.

“War and Leisure” is a decent project overall and Miguel did a great job with creative lyrics and vocals. The album earns a four out of five for its edginess, but it could use a little work when it comes to versatility.

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