Uncle Dad’s Art Collective presents a night of listening


“Pregnant” band electric guitarist performs for a crowd at the Naked Lounge coffee shop. Photo credit: Caitlyn Young

There is a certain vibe that having a late night concert in a coffee shop creates that is very difficult to replicate in other places. This purely artistic, listening vibe was presented at the Naked Lounge on Thursday. Artist Scout and a band called Pregnant performed for an audience interested in simply listening.

The concert was put on by Uncle Dad’s Art Collective, which emphasized before the show that the audience should put aside any distractions to just be present and listen to the music. This is why this session was called “Listen Up: A Night of Critical Listening.”

The Naked Lounge stayed open late to serve coffee or beer to the audience members while they watched the performances; however, audience members were told to only get drinks in between songs and artists so that there would be no disturbances during the performance. It was also suggested that cell phones stay in purses or pockets and that the music be the main focus.

First up on the Naked Lounge stage was Scout, a talented artist who did everything from creating extra musical sounds on the spot and playing instruments to singing and dancing on stage. Scout has performed for Uncle Dad’s Art Collective events before and loves to perform for audiences like this one.

“I like meeting people and making friends, so that’s what I like about performing for smaller, quiet groups of people,” Scout said. “I know that I can be honest with my music and then I will know who really wants to be friends afterwards. Vulnerability can be pretty cool.”

The next act on stage was “Pregnant,” a band of four that created sounds that were super unique to their style. Using different recording devices to keep certain sounds on repeat, and adding in almost seemingly random sound effects, the result was magical to listen to.

There is nothing else that can compare to a coffee shop concert with a group of people solely listening to the music and being one with the artists.

Scout and Pregnant’s music can be found online through Facebook or on Bandcamp.com.

Caitlyn Young can be reached at [email protected] or @Orion_CaitlynY on Twitter.