1078 gallery finds a new home on Park Avenue


Local artists perform at 1078 @1710. Photo credit: Mitchell Kret

Live music from local bands filled the Chico Women’s Center Jan. 20 at the 1078 @ 1710 party in support of the 1078 Gallery, which has found a new location at 1710 Park Ave.

Supporters of the gallery were treated to performances from XDS, Severance Package and other local bands for the fundraiser. The party also featured a silent auction and raffle as well as a 1078 merchandise table and bar to boost their efforts to reach their $25,000 goal. Gnarly Deli also sold food from their truck outside.

Erin Wade, the president of the board of directors said before the event, the gallery was about halfway to their financial goal.

“We’ve raised over $12,000 so far, we’re trying to raise $25,000, and people can donate on our website,” said Wade.

The event’s turnout made it clear that Chico residents have missed 1078, since its closing this past May. Local artists and shops donated paintings, woven art, ceramics and coupons.

“We lost our last location… that happened in May and we’ve been looking for a while now,” explained Wade. “We have secured this place on Park Avenue, 1710 Park Avenue, but it will probably be April before we are open again.”

Wade explained some of the necessary steps needed for the reopening.

“We have to apply for a use permit for the music, and there will be some construction,” she said. At 1078 @1710 she explained the use permit from the city is a large portion of the cost of reopening. “We are hoping to do pretty much the same thing, (the new location) is a little bit smaller so that may be a factor, but it has a lot more visibility so there is a lot of potential with that.”

The new building has some differences from the previous, though 1078 does not plan on changing in terms of what they want to provide the community.

She also looks forward to picking up where the gallery had left off.

“We hope to be back where we were before where we have an art show every month and six to eight music shows per month.” Wade also confirmed that the gallery space will be available to musicians, just as it had been at the previous location.

Wade also stated that the name of the gallery will remain despite the move, 1078 actually is the original address on Humboldt Avenue.

1078 @1710 gave Chico’s art lovers a peek at the return of the popular 1078. The energy in the Women’s Center reflected the community’s excitement for the gallery’s return.

Mitchell Kret can be reached at [email protected] or @theorion_news on Twitter.