Former student brings Chico experience to Student Affairs


Dr. Milton Lang, a Chico State alumnus, began his position as Vice President for Student Affairs Jan. 16.

Lang spent five years at UC Davis before coming to Chico State again.

Lang found an interest in student affairs during his time at Chico State when he worked in retention services with low-income, first-generation students in the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP).

“As an EOP and first-gen. student myself, I wanted to find a way to give back,” Lang said. “During that time working as a paraprofessional was when I really fell in love with the profession. So my passion for student affairs really started here at Chico State.”

Lang also comes from a low-income, first-generation family with five brothers and two sisters. According to Lang, his family encouraged him to do the best he could.

“I happy and thankful to have had an incredible support system around me,” Lang said. “From my parents to my aunties and uncles, I’ve always had support around me whenever I needed it.”

Lang went into student affairs because he knew the impact that the faculty and staff have on the life of a student.

“When faculty and staff support a student, when they wrap their arms around a student and they guide and mentor them and empower them to take full advantage of their educational experience. That’s when the magic happens,” Lang said.

He also believes that his experience as a Chico State student will help him connect with students.

“I’ve lived the Chico experience as a student, I truly understand this culture,” Lang said. “I bring a true and authentic experience about what it takes to navigate Chico State.”

Lang said that a life-changing experience that really affected him was the way the staff at Chico State they cared, supported and mentored him.

Lang believes that Chico State does not have the luxury to lose students in higher education. He is a fan of “high-impact” practices that provide student engagement and help them learn in environments that can enhance and empower students.

“Every student matters,” Lang said. “Each interaction with students matter.”

Enhancing retention rates, increasing graduation rates and increasing diversity are some of Chico State’s big issues, according to Lang.

But he doesn’t see these issues as “challenges.”

“I see it as an opportunity,” Lang said. “An opportunity to enhance student success and retention rates.”

Lang said he’s happy to be back in Chico and is ready to “roll up his sleeves and do what we can to support and enhance the student experience at Chico State.”

Roberto Fonseca can be reached at [email protected] or @rjfonseca13 on Twitter