Sting operations have lead to success within months, police say

Photo credit: Sean Martens

Photo credit: Sean Martens

Alejandra Fraga

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With 11 felony arrests made in December of 2017, the Chico Police Department stated they conducted a second round of operations this month.

This second operation resulted in six felony arrests. “Being back to back, this is actually a very successful operation and officers are able to look at the issues that are happening in the community and zero in on some of the areas that have been hotspots,” said Press Information Officer, Julia Yarbough.

The December operation mainly targeted the downtown area of Chico, while the January operation was spread throughout what the police department considers to be the city’s “hotspots.”

Julia Yarbough stated, “The whole idea of these sorts of operations is that you don’t know when, you don’t know where, it could be at any moment.”

“It’s a way to say we are aware of what’s going on, we’re watching what’s going on and we’re gonna make sure to mitigate it.”

“I would not be surprised if the community sees more of these operations,” Yarbough said.

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