Woman reports assault in her own home


Photo credit: Miles Huffman

University Police

Call Type: Petty Theft-Bike

Monday 7:27 a.m., Konkow Hall

Bike parts were stolen from an unregistered bike.

Call Type: Rape

Monday 9:10 a.m., address unknown

The victim said the assault occurred on Jan. 26.

Call Type: Suspicious Subject

Tuesday 6:01 a.m., Laxson Auditorium

A bearded man holding a big gulp drink was acting weird.

Call Type: Rape

Tuesday 10:57 a.m., Nord Ave.

The victim said the assault occurred on Dec. 18 of last year.

Call Type: Sexual Battery

Wednesday 9:41 a.m., Waterlands Apts.

The victim said the assault occurred on Jan. 17.

Call Type: Suspicious Subject

Wednesday 9:45 a.m., Yolo Hall

A man was screaming at himself near the tennis courts.

Call Type: Suspicious Subject

Thursday 5:02 a.m., 35 Main St.

Ten people were told to stop disassembling their bikes and clear the area.

Call Type: Welfare Check

Thursday 7:22 a.m., Hazel Lot

A person was yelling at vehicles and banging on windows.

Chico Police

Call Type: Transient problem

Monday 5:46 a.m., 00 Ilahee LN

A man asked a nearby woman to make him breakfast.

Call Type: Throw Obj at Veh

Monday 7:14 p.m., 600 Mangrove Ave.

Six juveniles took a stroll through town while throwing eggs at passing vehicles.

Call Type: Disturbance

Tuesday 7:09 a.m., 800 Cherry St.

A mentally disturbed woman was screaming at two men in front of a business.

Call Type: Assault

Tuesday 2:20 p.m., 500 W. 14th St.

A woman awoke to her roofer in her bed fondling her.

Call Type: Threats

Wednesday 10:13 a.m., 100 Silver Dollar Way

A person reportedly was receiving continuous threatening calls, with a man breathing heavily and repeatedly stating that they are going to die.

Call Type: Refusing to Leave

Wednesday 12:12 p.m., 400 E. 20th St.

Five people were trying to start a party at a bus stop.

Call Type: Threats

Thursday 8:11 a.m., 1300 Ringtail Way

A couple of bird lovers threatened their neighbors who are claimed to own killer cats. One of their cats has already gone missing.