Therapy dogs come to campus for Valentine’s Day


Event coordinator, Brooke Kogima, smiles with her favorite donut. Photo credit: Danielle Cortes

The annual “Dogs and Donuts” event returned to give students a chance to unwind and pet dogs for Valentine’s Day this week.

The event took place on Wednesday in the Hub from 2 p.m. – 4 p.m. All students were welcome to stop by to enjoy a free complimentary donut, while being accompanied by various therapeutic dogs.

Therapy dog
One of the many dogs who visited students for the Dogs N' Donuts event. Photo credit: Danielle Cortes

Sophomore Brooke Kogima, the event’s coordinator, said, “I was really excited about this event because it was planned to take place on mental health awareness week, which promotes a feeling of happiness for students who attend.”

Students who attended seemed to be very spirited as they were allowed to pet the dogs.

Therapeutic dogs are known for easing feelings of anxiousness and stress by releasing calming endorphins. It is no surprise that these dogs are also available to pet on campus during Finals Week.

Kogima added, “This event took place last year as well, and was a huge success.”

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