Chinese New Year celebrated at temple in Oroville


The docents of the temple in Oroville, from left to right: Jan Clay, David Knox, Lani Fridrich. Photo credit: Tisha Cheney

The historic Chinese temple museum in Oroville hosted an open house to share New Year festivities with community members Sunday.

The temple, established in the late nineteenth century, was bought by the City of Oroville in 1937. “The 10 room complex is so unique, there is nothing like it in the U.S.,” said Jan Clay a docent or “guide” of the temple for 34 years.

There are three chapels within the complex, all currently active.

According to Clay, the New Year celebration is a special day based around the idea of renewal. The year 2018 is being celebrated as the Year of the Dog.

“The day before the new year we are to throw out all debt, arguments, old food and replace everything as new for the coming year,” said Clay. “The renewal is to bring “joss” meaning “good luck.”

To commemorate this renewal the temple has its yearly, free open house with shared activities, viewing of the museum, and refreshments such as tea and cookies.

The North Valley In Tune Music Foundation attends yearly for musical accompaniment, with a group of young musicians performing for guests in the museum. A calligraphy table was also offered, where Mr. Wong, an artist in charge of the table, gave lessons and made gifts for guests.

The Chinese temple in Oroville is unique to any of its kind in the United States. Photo credit: Tisha Cheney
Garden entrance
The Chinese temple located in Oroville was purchased by the city in 1937. Photo credit: Tisha Cheney

Mr Wong
Mr. Wong makes gifts and gives calligraphy lessons at the Chinese new year celebration. Photo credit: Tisha Cheney

The temple is open year-round to visitors.

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