Gas leak alert leads to evacuations


First responders at the scene of Monday’s incident after gas leak alert was sent out. Photo credit: Lizzie Helmer

Chico State alerted students and faculty to a gas leak near Shurmer Gym and Yolo Hall Monday around 4:30 p.m.

Both buildings were evacuated until responders and PG&E investigated the gas leak.

Yvette Streeter, Emergency Preparedness and Occupational Safety Coordinator was at the scene of the incident. She said it was “not a false alarm but a minor gas leak.”

“We evacuate each building once a year, so we have drills, since I’ve been here in 6 years we’ve cut our evacuation times in half,” said Streeter.

“People have radios, they’re able to communicate with each other by floor,” she added. “I was speaking to the primary coordinator for this building when I was coming on the other side of Meriam, I said is your building evacuated? She said yes, we’re on the lawn, I said get everybody towards the fence there’s a gas leak.”

Chico State Alerts sent out a following message after 15 minutes letting students know that the leak had been resolved.

In the event of emergencies, University Police encourages all students, faculty and staff to update their information at .

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