Instacart starts offering grocery delivery service in Chico

Instacart starts offering grocery delivery service in Chico

A new time-saving tool to take the hassle out of grocery shopping became available in Chico Wednesday.

Instacart, a company that will pick up and deliver groceries, announced that it will start operating in the Chico area. In a release, the company stated that stores including Safeway, Costco, CVS, Cash & Carry, and Petco will be available for customers to shop from.

Kayla Rumiano, a teacher at the Child Development Lab, stated in an email that she was excited to find out about the new service.

A huge meal planner, Rumiano thinks it will save her both time and money.

“The price for the service is worth the time I’m able to save by not having to physically go to Costco myself,” Rumiano said. “Not to mention, it helps me from frivolous impulse purchases, saving even more money.”

Rumiano also sees the service as helpful to students, stating, “You can choose what you need online when you have a free minute between classes, and then have it delivered to you. It’s also a great option for students who don’t have transportation.”

Pricing and more can be found on the company’s website, or look for their app on both iPhone and Android.

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