Roommates turned bandmates are now performing in Chico


Sean Martens

Bandmates Lorenzo Thruston, Fahradin Nushi and Mike Justin are three roommates who came together to form up-and-coming band, Spun

An eclectic combination of punk and alternative rock brings color to Chico’s underground music scene.

The composition of up-and-coming group Spun is made up of musicians from other well-known bands in Chico. Lead singer and guitarist Fahradin Nushi also sings for local group No Wave. On drums is Mike Justice who plays in Sunny Acres. Concluding the three-piece band is Chico State student and music major Lorenzo Thruston.

“Different situations brought us all together under the same roof and we all have been in bands in the past, so naturally we started a band together,” Thruston said when asked how the band began.

The remainder of the band group backs up this stance, explaining that their devotion to music combined with living together drove them to start a band.

“I moved into Fahredin’s house after a terrible time in my life and he asked if I would play drums for a new project he was starting,” Justice said. “Lorenzo jumped on board within a couple days and we started getting to work pretty much immediately.”

The inspirations for this group can be described as a bit all over the place but it makes sense when listening to their music since they have such an original tone.

“As a band, we have a lot of different influences but a lot of my personal inspiration comes from (groups like) At the Drive-In , Tame Impala , Built to Spill, Mac DeMarco, Ty Segall. Drum Wise, Aaron Gillespie from Underoath and Ty Segall,” Justice said.

An old project done by Spun, formerly known as Our Drive Home.

“We actually get a lot of inspiration from Dwayne ‘the Rock’ Johnson and the ‘Catdog’ theme song,” Nushi added.

When asked what they want audiences to feel while listening to their music, they all had a different perspective on what atmosphere they wanted to create with their sound. However, they all agreed they want listeners to feel connected to the piece.

“I think that’s sort of up to the listener, most of the songs have kind of a sad tone but not everyone listens just for the lyrics,” Thruston said. “If they like it because the melody is catchy or the beat makes them feel good, then that’s cool too. If they don’t like it then I guess they should probably listen to something else.”

Justice’s approach to how he wanted to make listeners feel is more specific and hopes that the music they create can act as a getaway.

“I want them to feel badass when they listen to our songs. I want them to move their heads and sing the words,” he said. “I want them to feel like life isn’t as serious and f*** up for a few minutes.”

The band explained that the plans they have for the future includes making a bunch of music, playing shows and maybe releasing an album or two.

Spun will be playing March 17 at the Naked Lounge with Chico Feet and on March 29 at Brew Coffee in Redding with Anxious Arms.

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