Students speak out at open forum about proposed fee increases


One student, Cassandra Romero stood up and angrily addressed the panel. “I am worth more than a damn ball!” Romero said. “I feel like a number to all of you.” Photo credit: Alex Grant

Emotions ran high Wednesday as students, faculty and admin met for an open forum to discuss proposed fee increases which would take effect next semester.

Immediate objections to the fee increases, now estimated at nearly $400 a year for each student, were raised by some students when administrators began presentations.

Students objecting said they had already seen the presentations at previous forums where they were unable to speak.

Cassandra Romero, a student, said, “Where do you plan on us getting this money? Do you know how many of us don’t have enough money even to pay rent? Do you know I cried 25 minutes to ask my mom for five dollars? Five dollars to eat,” she said.

Professor of Political Science and Criminal Justice, Michael Coyle said, “This California State University educational system was launched and existed for years free of tuition and fees. Free! “

“And then slowly, argument by argument, piece by piece, we are now charging students $7,000 a year,” Coyle said.

Claire Wayne mentioned being a communication sciences and disorder student and having a huge need for AAC―augmentative and alternative communication―devices and that if these fees can help get the equipment she needs, that she is willing to work for it.

The forum ran well overtime, forcing some students to give their comments and leave for class without getting a response.

The next forum about these fee increases for discussion between students and alumni will be held Wednesday, March 14, from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. in UHUB.

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