Vote to fund Chico State groups through revenue sharing


Alpha Delta Pi received the most amount of revenue sharing dollars last year, however the Gender and Sexuality Equity Center had the most amount of supporters with 219 voters giving the center money. This shows that many voters decided to split their funds between two or three organizations.

The Associated Students election is coming up on April 18, but the candidates aren’t the only thing students can vote on. One aspect of the A.S. ballot is revenue sharing which allows voters to choose how to spend $15 of their activity fee.

This year student voters can choose from a list of 202 on-campus groups that include several clubs, organizations, fraternities and sororities. According to Associated Students Government organizer and staff member Nan Timmons, 30 percent of students voted in the A.S. election last year. However, only 12.7 percent of students voted for revenue sharing in last year’s election.

To view the infographic on a mobile device follow the piktochart link below:

The data included in the piktochart above was collected from A.S.’s Revenue Sharing webpage.

The student population figure of 17,789 was pulled from Chico State’s fact webpage.


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