Student government candidates adhere to campaign guidelines


Campaign guidelines packet courtesy of Nan Timmons

This packet outlines what A.S. candidates can and can’t do.

Each year, several students conduct a campaign when running for positions in the Associated Students elections. Students who choose to run in the elections must follow several campaign guidelines.

General Regulations:

Publicity: All of the publicity regulations correspond with Chico State’s publicity regulations. This policy sets regulations on flyers, posters, sandwich boards, lawn stakes, etc.

Free Speech: Candidates are required to follow Chico State’s free speech policies.

Campaign Rules:

  • AS oversees campaigning activities before and during the 24 hour election period.
  • AS and the university monitor on campus campaigning materials and activities according to the stated laws and policies.
  • Students who do not comply with the rules provided will be subject to his or her campaigning privileges being revoked for up to a week from the date of the incident.

Off campus:

  • Chico has regulations for public use on sidewalks, streets, power and light poles.
  • The City of Chico also has sign ordinances for residential property.
  • If a candidate violates these rules, he or she is subject to citations, fines and prosecution.
  • For more information, contact the City of Chico Code Enforcement at 530-879-6310.

AS Operated Facilities: 

  • No campaigning can occur in any facility operated by Associated Students. Those facilities include: the BMU, WREC, Butte Station, Holt Station, Rainbow Warehouse and Creekside Café
  • Candidates are allowed to campaign during events hosted in those facilities that were organized by the AS Election Supervisor
  • Students cannot use any AS resources or any campaigning purposes.

Electronic Devices:

  • Laptops can be used for campaign tabling on non-election days but no cords can be used for safety reasons
  • No voting can occur on candidates’ personal devices during election tabling

Outdoor Tabling:

  • Candidates must apply for a vending/distribution permit in person to participate in tabling
  • Must appear on the verified candidate list to participate

University Housing:

  • General voter awareness is supported
  • Individual candidate posters are not allowed to be hung in residence halls
  • One poster per candidate can be displayed during election events at the UHUB
  • Posters must be submitted to and approved by the Residence Hall Association

Additional Reminders:

  • Campaign materials can be be passed out on campus but no forms of harassment are allowed
  • Each candidate will be provided a chair at the AS FLO hosted Election BBQ on April 11 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.
  • All campaigning material must be cleaned up by April 19 at 5 p.m.

Kayla Fitzgerald can be reached at [email protected] or @kaylafitz_20 on Twitter.