Local science advocates lead March for Science


Science advocates march through downtown Chico for the March for Science Photo credit: Josiah Nicholl

Science advocates across Chico joined forces at the Trinity Commons lawn on Saturday for the March for Science event.

The March for Science, which began at 10 a.m., is an event advocating for policy-makers to look at the evidence for climate change and enact laws to benefit the greater good.The event featured a variety of booths and tables containing different information and activities related to science.

A number of speakers, which included students and professors, gave speeches in which they urged listeners to stay politically active and fight to make changes at the local level.

“It’s been scary to watch the things that’ve been happening in our country so it’s especially important for us to do what we can to fight back,” said Ben Peakes, a student volunteer who helped put on the March for Science.

The event included a variety of information tables and guest speakers Photo credit: Josiah Nicholl

At noon, event organizers gathered everyone together and began marching through downtown Chico, starting at the Trinity Commons lawn and proceeding to Wall Street before wrapping back around and returning to campus.

Following the march, a live band performed music while the activities and information tables continued until 2 p.m., when the event came to an end.

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