Save Mart employee threatened, suspect escapes


The Save Mart on East Avenue where the incident occured. Photo credit: Josh Cozine

A man threatened to stab an employee of a local shopping market Thursday, according to a press release from Chico Police.

The man, who was later positively identified as Raymon Collingwood (27) according to Chico Police, allegedly threatened the employee when the employee tried to detain him. The suspect was then said to have fled the scene and witnesses stated he was running from the back of Save Mart where he jumped a fence and then later entered the passenger seat of a black sedan.

The vehicle in question was later found at the Chico Kmart parking lot adjacent to the store’s parking lot. Police found a person still in the driver’s seat who said he had given the suspect a ride. He stated he did not know the suspect who approached him and asked for a ride but agreed because he felt bad for the suspect who he stated appeared to be a transient.

The driver told police he had last seen the man nearby in the vicinity of the Best Western Heritage Inn. Police swept the area and found Collingwood, allegedly still in possession of stolen items from Save Mart. He was arrested and charged with robbery.

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