Skyway blocked after truck crashes into guardrails

Skyway blocked after truck crashes into guardrails

The Skyway was closed Tuesday after a utility truck crashed at about 3:14 p.m.

California Highway Patrol responded to the “Lookout Point” area of the Skyway after a utility truck traveling east crashed between two guardrails. According to Sergeant Brian McGee, the driver of the truck “was driving too fast… he overcompensated, his wheels went into the dirt, the vehicle began to fishtail and he lost control,” causing a “code 1125” or a blockage of both lanes of traffic.

McGee said that the driver broke both axles of the vehicle. A 5-inch-hole was left from the incident measuring 2 feet long and 1 foot wide.

Incoming traffic had to be diverted to pass on the road’s shoulder while officers responded for about 45 minutes. According to McGee, the vehicle was then able to be dragged to allow one lane of the road to be reopened for about 90 minutes.

Both lanes of the Skyway were fully reopened to incoming traffic around 5 p.m.

McGee said that speed is always a concern on the Skyway. “We are always trying to get people to slow down,” he said.

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