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    AS general election application open for students

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    Bidwell park highlighted at museum book reading

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    Hazing documents revealed: Chico State warns against unrecognized Greek organizations

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    OK, where can we eat in 30 minutes?

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    CSUEU, non-academic student assistants to unionize

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Five ‘Star Wars’ games that still hold up
Knights of the Old Republic has the best writing of any Star Wars game. Image from

“Star Wars” games have been around since the 70s and they span a wide variety of genres. These games have different things to offer and they have universal appeal. The list is in no particular order.

1. Knights of the Old Republic

Knights of the Old Republic has the best writing of any Star Wars game. Image from

Bioware was given the opportunity to create their own story set thousands of years before the movies. The story is still about the light vs. the dark side, but the unique thing about “KOTOR” is the choices players are able to make. You could be a perfect Jedi, a ruthless Sith or something in between. The story and characters fit the tone that fans expect from “Star Wars.” While the combat hasn’t aged well the writing is the best out of any “Star Wars” game out there.

2. Battlefront II (2005)

A rebel rides a tauntaun
image from

Possibly the overall best “Star Wars” game ever made. Not only has the original Battlefront II aged well, it plays better than the recent release of the same name. The large scale battles never get old and being able to play as various characters from the movies feels great. The different classes feel distinct and have even more nuance depending on which faction you’re playing as. The galactic conquest mode lets players take over the galaxy one planet at a time. It’s always fun and it’s even better when playing with someone locally.

3. Republic Commando

How did he not seem him?
image from

Set during the Clone Wars, “Republic Commando” has players leading a team of clone troopers through various missions. “Republic Commando” has a darker feel than most Star Wars games. It feels like a combination of more grounded military tactics and the sci-fi sounds and enemies from “Star Wars.” The action is fun and offers a good amount of challenge.

4. Super Star Wars

Luke fights the monster in the Sarlacc pit
image from

This game is an adaptation of “A New Hope” and plays a lot like “Contra” and other side-scrolling action games. “Super Star Wars” is notoriously difficult, but it’s not unfair. This is an arcade-style game that requires patience and the will to die over and over in order make progress. The presentation is very faithful to the movie and despite the limited graphics, the game can feel nostalgic to people who have never played it.

5. Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy

stormtroopers get whacked by a rodian with a lightsaber. Image from

Set after “Return of the Jedi,” “Jedi Academy” has players create their own Jedi trainee in service of Luke Skywalker. Customization options are varied and let you make your Jedi how you want them down to the powers that they use in combat. The biggest highlight of this game is the lightsaber combat. Fighting with lightsabers is fast-paced and makes the player feel empowered when fighting normal enemies and challenged when fighting Sith opponents.

Ulises Duenas can be reached at [email protected] or @OrionUlisesD on Twitter.

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