North State Republican Victory Headquarters opens in Chico


The North State Republican Victory Headquarters is located at 1540 Esplanade in Chico. Photo credit: Justin Jackson

Midterm candidates Kasey Reynolds, Matt Gallaway, Steve Crowder and Doug LaMalfa attended the grand opening of the North State Republican Victory Headquarters off the Esplanade Saturday. Each spoke about themselves and their platforms.

Many young people attended as well including a couple Chico State students. Sarah Morcott, the president of the Chico State College Republicans club attended and is a volunteer at the Victory Headquarters. Last year’s California State Student Association’s Student Advocate of the Year, Karla Camacho also attended, serving as Doug LaMalfa’s regional political director for his re-election campaign.

“North State Republican Victory HQ is a call center, a center for us to campaign for city council, for Congress, for state assembly and state senate,” Morcott said. “It’s just really a place for people to connect and fight for conservative values in the north state.”

Like Morcott, many Chico State students are taking the opportunity of the upcoming midterm elections to help change problems they see in California.

“The number one concern is the cost of living in California. It’s just unsustainable,” Morcott added. “The gas tax is part of that. We pay some of the highest prices of gas in the nation. Also the water crisis.”

With the new school year, there are new voters with varying issues they care about. This semester many students are going to be thinking about these issues, and debating with themselves and others to figure out who to vote for. Check back with The Orion for more midterm coverage as the November 6 voting day draws closer.

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