Adventure Outing takes trip with Trip ‘n Dip


Several new students, freshmen and transfers, joined Adventure Outings leaders on a hike to Bear Hole in Upper Bidwell Monday. Photo credit: Justin Jackson

Adventure Outings had their second Trip ‘n Dip event of the semester, Monday, with a trip out to the Bear Hole in Bidwell Park.

Adventure Outings (AO) is an on-campus, professional outdoors program. The program runs many Chico State outdoor activities, including operating extensive trips, managing the WREC climbing wall and offering Wildcat Wilderness Orientation for incoming students. AO hosts a Trip ‘n Dip outing at least once a semester.

Trip leaders set up a table in the Sutter courtyard around 11:30 a.m. where students gathered, and the group finally left for Uppder Bidwell Park at 12:45 p.m. The trip leaders then led their group on a hike down to the Bear Hole.

Angelica Rodriquez, one of the trip leaders said that most participants are new Chico State students so this trip gives them the chance to break the ice and meet new people.

“Most of the people that come are freshmen and transfers, so we usually have an icebreaker to loosen things up,” Rodriguez said. “The hike is also two miles round trip, so people have time to talk to each (other).”

Lauren Bodemer, a freshman at Chico State, said she enjoyed meeting new people on the hike and the natural beauty of Upper Bidwell.

“I’m from Temecula, CA, it’s in SoCal, and compared to there, Chico is more tight-knit. They’re very different,” Bodemer said. “I like the outdoors because doing things like this can be rewarding.”

A lot of AO trips cost money but the program also holds many free events, like Trip ‘n Dip. This Saturday, AO is hosting another event, the Sacramento River Clean Up.

“The Sacramento River Clean Up is where we float the Sacramento River and pick up all the trash we see,” Rodriguez said.

Adventure Outings has about two to three events each weekend, according to Rodriguez. For more information, you can visit AO’ website.

Justin Jackson can be reached at [email protected] or @JustJack0176 on Twitter.