Chico City Council candidates address student concerns


Council candidates left students out of the conversation on Wednesday. Photo credit: Christian Solis

Eight city council candidates gathered at a forum, Wednesday, to discuss policy positions and local problems, but failed to mention one key topic.

The public forum, hosted by the Chico Chamber of Commerce, focused on four main questions that focused on local issues. Each candidate also was able to give a final statement after the Q&A portion was complete. However not one candidate brought up Chico State or Butte College students and how they would help address key issues facing the students in their closing statements.

So The Orion spoke with each candidate after the forum and asked them what they would do for students if they did win the election.

There are three open seats on City Council this upcoming election day on November 6. For more information or to view each candidate’s official statement check out the Chico City Council Elections website.

Below are the full, unedited clips of each candidates statements to students.

Alex Brown-Business Developer

Andrew Coolidge-Current Councilman

Jon Scott-Business Entrepreneur

Kasey Reynolds-Businesswoman

Ken Rensink-Special Education Teacher

Matt Gallaway-Business Owner

Rich Ober-Communications Manager

Scott Huber-Account Manager

Christian Solis can be reached at [email protected] or @c_alexander20 on Twitter.