Chico’s Thursday Night Market offers a variety of choices

If you’re new to Chico or just want to know the town in a nutshell, the Thursday night market is the place to go.

Located on Broadway St. between 2nd and 5th St., the market gives off a real feel of Chico and its residents.

Although most farmers markets are known for vendors with solely, locally grown goods, this market has six types of vendors ranging from; DCBA members, non-profit/political, arts/crafts, commercial, prepared foods and corporate.

Emma Harris sells flowers weekly from April to September at her Pink Creek Flowers booth. Photo credit: Daelin Wofford

Yony’s Roasted Corn, a commercial vendor, is one of the most popular at the market and at four different locations around town during the week.

Veronica Martinez, owner of the stand, has been selling at the market for two years and credits their popularity to how the roasted corn is made.

“It’s popular because no one sells roasted corn the way we make it,” Martinez said.

Carley Savedra and Darien Eng with their Yony’s Roasted Corn. Photo credit: Yaritza Ayon
Veronica Martinez, owner of Yony’s Roasted Corn, prepares a roasted corn. Photo credit: Yaritza Ayon

Rodolfo Martinez, owner of RM Farms, has been going to the market for approximately 14 years and specializes in a variety of berries.

He appreciates his clientele and calls them the reason he continues to sell at the market each year.

“I like my clients they’re very nice and attentive,” Martinez said.

RM Farms sells a variety of berries, including strawberries, blueberries and blackberries. Photo credit: Yaritza Ayon
Rodolfo Martinez, owner of RM Farms, holds his blackberries and strawberries at the Chico’s Thursday night market. Photo credit: Yaritza Ayon

Additionally, the market has an abundance of Chico’s favorite shops and restaurants in their food trucks. These food trucks provide a diverse range of food options, including barbecue, Indian, Mediterranean, Mexican, Jamaican, Filipino and vegan.

The market also gives individuals the chance to learn more about the Chico community. Certain booths can be used to register to vote while others provide information on campus life, local clinics and business opportunities.

Eartha Shanti, employee at the Chico Rice booth, believes in selling organic and locally grown products. Photo credit: Yaritza Ayon

Even though the market is known for its over 100 plus vendors, the local talent showcased in the center of the city plaza continues to be a huge draw. Performers range from belly dancers, acoustic singers, youth bands and comedians.

There are only three more Thursdays left as the last market of the year will be September 27th. Those unable to attend will have to wait until next April to visit their favorite vendors.

Yaritza Ayon can be reached at [email protected] or @ayon_yaritza on Twitter.