FutureFest: Help plan Chico State’s future


FutureFest Logo courtesy University Communications

FutureFest is a new event that will let students be a part of Chico State’s new plans to determine what the university will be like in five to ten years.

FutureFest will consist of four sessions taking place Sept. 25-26 and Oct. 2-4, in Colusa Hall 100 A/B. These sessions will cover the Master Plan and the Strategic Plan. Master Plan sessions will go over the shape and form of the campus, and evaluate the state of the facilities, open spaces and infrastructure to set goals to enhance the campus environment for the future. The Strategic Plan session will focus on the campus’s identity, values, goals and priorities.

“This is a crucial and exciting time for our University. By updating the Strategic and Campus Master Plans, our university and campus community have the opportunity to reassess our commitment to our values, come up with creative, innovate, ways to move our institution forward, and adhere to the changing needs of our students and campus itself,” said AS President Alisha Sharma.

Every idea, comment or concern that is voiced at these events will be heard out by the Master Planning Committee and Strategic Planning Council.

For students who can’t attend to these sessions there will be a Community Mapping tool and Idea Wall to voice ideas for the future of the university.

Chico State hopes to have 85% of both the plans finalized by the end of summer 2019. The full timeline can be found on the Chico State website

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