Optional student fee looms to fund AS

AS board members finalize a resolution to the CSSA’s proposed fee hike.Photo credit: Mozes Zarate

Accountability and budgeting are primary concerns for the Associated Students at Chico State in deciding whether or not to support a voluntary student fee hike proposed by a statewide student union.

The proposal was presented by the California State Student Association, a
union that represents student body organizations like AS across all CSU’s, in November.

The fee, which is tentatively set at $2 per student per semester, would fund direct representation of students at the state and federal legislative level. Associated students organizations throughout the state of California cannot legally advocate for CSU students, according to the proposal.

Currently, the organization is supported by dues paid by student governments at each CSU campus, at a rate of 65 cents per student, said Taylor Herren, AS president, in a previous article from The Orion.

Since the proposal was introduced, specifics on how the additional money, approximately $1 million, will be spent have not been released.

“It’s kind of a weird cyclical conversation,” Herren said.

AS has finalized a resolution responding to the proposal that that demands that the association release a budget of where the new funds will be allocated.

Accountability is also a concern. The proposal’s language doesn’t clearly state what measures will be taken to ensure that funds are spent where agreed.

AS will present their resolution at a the association’s summit meeting this Saturday. There, proposal will be voted on by student government representatives from all 23 CSU campuses.

“It’s really important that students are treated fairly,” Herren said.”That what students are being charged will benefit them.”

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